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MasterCard pulls plug on WikiLeaks payments

Posted on December 7th, 2010 at 8:13 by John Sinteur in category: News -- Write a comment


MasterCard is pulling the plug on payments to WikiLeaks, a move that will dry up another source of funds for the embattled document-sharing Web site, CNET has learned.

“MasterCard is taking action to ensure that WikiLeaks can no longer accept MasterCard-branded products,” a spokesman for MasterCard Worldwide said today.

That further limits the revenue sources for WikiLeaks, which has seen its finances systematically attacked in the last few days, as the Swiss authorities shut down a bank account used by editor Julian Assange, and PayPal permanently restricted the account used by the group.

Looks like the threat to expose a big bank is working.

  1. I’m not sure that threat is necessary: there’s the threat of consumer boycott in the Christmas shopping season. I would imagine that Amazon considered the likelihood that Lieberman and several others would loudly call for a consumer boycott of their retail business.

  2. The KKK can accept payments via Visa and PayPal, but #WikiLeaks cannot. What a just world we live in.

  3. I sent my emails letting Amazon and PayPal no I will no longer do business with them, citing their cowardice and disregard for the principals their nation is supposed to represent. I am sure they couldn’t care less. Just a spit in their filthy ocean.

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