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Federal Appeals Court Ridicules Florida Cops For Using SWAT Team To Check On Barbershop Licenses

Posted on September 22nd, 2014 at 14:46 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


“It was a scene right out of a Hollywood movie,” the Court’s ruling began. “Teams from the OCSO [Orange County Sheriff’s Office] descended… with some team members dressed in ballistic vests and masks, and with guns drawn, the deputies rushed into their target destinations, handcuffed the stunned occupants—and demanded to see their barbers’ licenses. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was providing muscle for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s [DBPR] administrative inspection of barbershops to discover licensing violations.”

The Cout’s 44-page ruling, which will allow four barbers to proceed with a lawsuit that the cops violated their Fourth Amendment protection from unconstitutional searches, vividly describes how a team of local and state police ran amok—and then claimed immunity from prosecution, which the Court rejected, when the raid’s victims sued.

Notably, the ruling didn’t even talk about the blatant constitutional violations first, but instead snidely asked if the cops involved were complete idiots who thought they were so far above the law that they could ignore previous multiple rulings from the very same Court ordering cops not to conduct militarized SWAT raids as a routine tactic


“Upon discovering that barbering without a license is a 2nd-degree misdemeanor under Florida law, Vidler became intrigued by the possibility of a collaboration between the Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and OCSO, and spent over a month… developing a plan for a joint sweep operation,” it said. “All of the targeted barbershops were businesses that serviced primarily African-American and Hispanic clientele.”

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  1. That’s freakin’ unbaweavable!

Texas Wants to Execute Man Who Killed Home Intruder Who Turned Out to Be SWAT Member

Posted on September 18th, 2014 at 22:43 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


Attempting to serve a search warrant by entering a house through a window got Killeen, Texas, Police Detective Charles Dinwiddie shot in the face and killed last May. It was yet another SWAT raid organized for a purpose other than the reason they were invented. The police had a search warrant looking for narcotics at the home of Marvin Louis Guy, 49. They decided to serve this warrant at 5:30 in the morning and without knocking on his door. He opened fire on them, killing Dinwiddie and injuring three others.

Though they found a glass pipe, a grinder, and a pistol, they did not find any drugs. Former Reason Editor Radley Balko took note of the deadly raid in May at The Washington Post. A police informant apparently told them there were bags of cocaine inside the house, which sounds a lot like another familiar drug raid in Virginia that got an officer killed.

The Virginia case ended with Ryan Frederick in prison for 10 years despite his insistence he thought he was defending himself against in home intruders. He may end up lucky compared to Guy. Prosecutors in Texas are going to seek the death penalty against him. KWTX offers a dreadfully written summary that says next to nothing about the circumstances of the raid but gives Dinwiddie’s whole life story. Guy faces three additional charges of attempted capital murder for shooting the other officers. The story mentions the no-knock raid but fails to explain why it happened or the failure to find any drugs.

Ironic how law enforcement uses no-knock raids for the element of surprise, then claim the victim should have known it was the police.

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Attorney apologizes for ‘harsh’ letter on gay rights

Posted on September 18th, 2014 at 22:19 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane



A prominent Springfield attorney who came under fire for a letter he wrote about gay rights is now acknowledging the letter was “harsh” and apologizing.

Dee Wampler wrote a letter to several people with the Ozark Fire Department regarding a decision not to extend health benefits for same-sex spouses, including to the female captain who was pushing for benefits for her wife.

This morning, Wampler issued a statement in which he states his support for the state’s law banning gay marriage, but apologizes for the letter.

“My recent words in support of a local fire board decision, expressing that view should have been left unsaid and were harsh and ill-advised,” he wrote. “I did not intend to personally demean, but I am man enough to apologize to all those I have offended, and I ask all to accept my apology.”

I just have to steal a comment from reddit for this:


He had to send this letter.

Every day, he wakes up thinking about all of those gays. Literally, the moment he emerges from his slumber, in his bed … his warm bed with a down comforter, he is thinking about homosexual acts.

He needs to congratulate people for stopping “the gays”, because he understands just how easy it is for people to be “converted” by “the gay agenda”. You see, it all started when he was a kid in middle school. He was innocently reading through a “muscle” magazine – you know, so he could become a fit and moral person. But something about those oily pectoral muscles made his mind wander. Next thing you know, he realized the “gay agenda” sent that magazine to the bookstore, and it was all a plot – A PLOT, I TELL YA! – to make him “gay”. He narrowly escaped the grasp of the gays.

People need to be protected from that sort of thing, so he started collecting muscle and fitness type magazines, to investigate further. No, never does a single day pass without him concentrating on the evils of two sweaty, oily men, in tip-top physical condition, rutting violently together in homosexual ecstasy. He has been focused on this “scourge” ever since that fateful day of sweaty contemplation alone in his room.

He sees the gay conspiracy for what it is, and he wants someone else to stop the “evil, evil thoughts.”

Any day the “gay agenda” sees a setback, it puts just a little more time and space between him, and that glorious 10 minute pleasure session he delivered to himself, way back when he was a school lad looking at a fitness magazine.

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  1. No Virginia, lesbians don’t really want to be crammed down your throat.

  2. “Time and memorial”… I guess it doesn’t take much education to be a prominent Springfield attorney.

How the Hobby Lobby ruling is helping a member of Warren Jeffs’ polygamous church

Posted on September 18th, 2014 at 8:26 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Pastafarian News


A federal judge has ruled that a member of the Fundamentalist LDS Church does not have to answer questions about child labor violations because of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case.

Vergel Steed refused to answer even the most basic questions in a recent deposition, because he is protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“It is clear that Mr. Steed has raised the very defenses available under RFRA,” U.S. District Court Judge David Sam wrote in the order.

The U.S. Department of Labor took action against Paragon Contractors for a 2012 incident where hundreds of children were seen working in a field in Hurricane, picking pecans. In court filings, the Labor Department has suggested that FLDS leaders ordered children to be removed from school to work in the fields.

As part of their case, FLDS members have been deposed — including Steed. In a deposition obtained by FOX 13 on Tuesday, it appears Steed refused to answer many questions.


Steed’s attorney objected to the questions, saying he “retains a closely held religious belief that requires him not to speak openly about matters regarding the Church organization with anyone outside of his religious affiliation.”


“It is not for the Court to “inquir[e] into the theological merit of the belief in question,” Sam wrote, citing the Hobby Lobby decision. “The determination of what is a ‘religious’ belief or practice is more often than not a difficult and delicate task …. However, the resolution of that question is not to turn upon a judicial perception of the particular belief or practice in question; religious beliefs need not be acceptable, logical, consistent, or comprehensible to others in order to merit First Amendment protection.”

I’m going to start a new religion, the first tenet of which is “Armed robbery is simply our way of paying homage to our God.”

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  1. “Activist” judges are OK when they’re conservatives?

Matthew 6:5

Posted on September 14th, 2014 at 23:18 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


Oh, Kanye. The acclaimed rapper/self-described Steve Jobs/newly minted Kardashian, who once rapped, “They tryna put me on the schoolbus with the space for the wheelchair,” halted a concert on Friday night after discovering that several audience members weren’t standing up to honor their Lord and Savior.

The setting was the Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney, Australia, and West reportedly announced, “I can’t do this song. I can’t do this show until everybody stand up… Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and shit. ‘Imma see you if you ain’t standing up, believe me, I’m very good at that.” Then came the foot-in-mouth moment. Most of the fans got up and boogied, but soon West spotted a pair of concertgoers who’d remained in their seats, and refused to continue the show until they stood up and danced like the rest. One of those two singled-out fans raised a prosthetic limb, thereby proving that she did in fact “get special parking and shit,” to which West replied, “Okay, you fine.”

West then homed in on Fan No. 2, who was still seated. He stopped performing the tune “The Good Life” and declared, “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, it’s unbelievable.” The crowd was reportedly trying to clue Kanye in to his epic blunder, with the entire section making wheelchair signals with their arms. But to no avail. West sent his bulky bodyguard Pascal Duvier into the crowd to confirm that the seated fan was, in fact, in a wheelchair. When it was confirmed, West said, “He is in a wheelchair? It’s fine!”

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  1. Some people can only get fame by being extremely stupid or being on reality TV.

  2. I’ve heard of ladies waving their panties at music performances, never their artifical limbs…if he really was that special, perhaps he could have healed them before humiliating them?

  3. Aren’t Kanye fans, by definition, hadicapped?

Comcast Declares War on Tor

Posted on September 14th, 2014 at 20:48 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


Users who try to use anonymity, or cover themselves up on the internet, are usually doing things that aren’t so-to-speak legal. We have the right to terminate, fine, or suspend your account at anytime due to you violating the rules. Do you have any other questions? Thank you for contacting Comcast, have a great day.

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What do you think of college campus police having military equipment?

Posted on September 12th, 2014 at 20:40 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


The U.S. Department of Defense has given Northwestern State University and the University of Louisiana-Monroe police departments 12 M-16 weapons each, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The two Louisiana schools are part of a larger group of 117 college and universities that acquired military equipment from the Defense Department.

“Campus police departments have used [a federal] program to obtain military equipment as mundane as men’s trousers (Yale University) and as serious as a mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle (Ohio State University),” wrote Dan Bauman for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The schools didn’t have to pay a lot for the equipment. The defense department practically gives it away. Due to the winding down of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. military has a lot of surplus gear lying around, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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  1. If this were the premise for a movie what comes next would be rather obvious.

Exodus 11:5, At-Tawbah 9:5

Posted on September 11th, 2014 at 13:45 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Pastafarian News

[ Obama addresses nation on fight against IS]:

“No religion condones the killing of innocents.”

I guess he has a different definition of “innocent” than most dictionaries have.

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  1. Lol, poor Obama. I didn’t hear the speech or read it, so I know nothing. In his defense, I would say he is a Lawyer not a Theologian.

    Also, interesting choice of verses:



    Here Hashem (the Jewish god, or actually his Angels) is going to kill the first born because the Pharaoh won’t release the Jews from their slavery. [[One might think that Hashem having infinite powers could think of a better way to do this but gods are sometimes mysterious.]]

    On the other hand:



    Here Allah is directing his faithful to kill those who refuse to convert to Islam. [[For some Muslims this includes Christians, because the Quran describes Christians as polytheists.]]

    I wonder if there are any verses from the Gospel (New Testament) promoting killing. Jesus is said to have said:



    Still as we all know– Islam is the Religion of Peace — http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

  2. Matthew 5:17

  3. Jesus was a jew. His ministry was to the jews. He says this because the jews are to up hold the law.

    The 613 Mitzvos– http://www.jewfaq.org/613.htm don’t include Exodus 11-5 because Exodus 11-5 isn’t something Hashem is telling the Jews to do, it is something Hashem did.

    In the end we should be able to agree that religion is a spiritual thing for some people, but for many it is an extension of the state and is used to justify whatever the rulers want to do.

  4. “In the end we should be able to agree that…” suspiciously sounds like you’re trying to get some respect for religion.

    Let me quote Pat Condell on that:

    “If you criticize religion, then, every so often somebody will say to you – quite disapprovingly – ‘you may not have faith in god, but you could show a bit more respect for those people who do’.

    And, you might find yourself thinking ‘well actually, maybe they’re right. It wouldn’t hurt to show a bit more respect – after all, nobody likes to be told point-blank that their religion is a crock of delusional garbage and a force for evil in the world. That, what they call ‘faith’ is merely fear dressed up as virtue. And that their puerile beliefs are a strait-jacket on the whole of humanity.’

    That’s bound to put anybody’s nose out of joint.

    So yes, maybe I could show a bit more respect.

    The only fly in the ointment is – I don’t actually feel any respect. I have tried, I really have, and I feel just terrible about it, but it just isn’t there.

    I suppose I could lie to myself, and pretend for the sake of people’s feelings – because we all know how delicate and tender they can be these days.

    But, the bold truth is, I don’t actually care about their feelings – at all; not even slightly.

    Of course, I realize that should weigh heavily on my conscience – but luckily my conscience knows when it is being bullied and manipulated – so it doesn’t care either.

    My conscience knows that there is no earthly reason for anybody on this planet to respect religion – in any way. Indeed, purely on the evidence religion itself provides, in such regular abundance, there is every reason to actively disrespect it to the point of outright abuse.

    And quite frankly, the fact that religion gets so little abuse, compared to what it really deserves, I can only attribute to the unbelievable tolerance, restraint and plain good manners of atheists and secularists everywhere.

    So, if you are a religious person, and if you’re thinking of demanding more respect for your beliefs, please try to bear in mind that you and your religion are already getting way more respect than you’ve ever deserved. Your faith is a joke. Your god is a joke. He’s so absurd, he’s an embarrassment even to people who don’t believe in him – and he and you still have it all to prove. So far, no proof has been forthcoming, nor is it likely to be; as we all well know – so respect, I’m afraid, is out of the question. The best you can hope for is amused incredulity – and that would be on a good day.

    People say ‘well, you can only truly understand faith when you have faith’ – which I take to mean when you’ve suspended your critical faculties and hypnotized yourself into believing a load of fascist nonsense about your eternal soul, then, you’ll understand faith – well, I can certainly believe that.

    Faith peddlers like to put themselves beyond question by claiming that their faith ‘transcends reason’ – the very thing that calls it to account – how convenient. Yes, faith transcends reason – the way a criminal transcends the law. The word ‘transcendent’ is very popular with religious hustlers because they never have to explain precisely what they mean by it – other than some vague, superior state of understanding, more profound than ‘mere reason’ – which is crude and simplistic next to the subtleties and profundities of belief without evidence.

    If you hear a senior clergyman, and you will, using the word ‘transcendent’ to explain the nonsense he claims to believe, then you know two things: one, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about; and two, he doesn’t want you to know what he’s talking about either.

    Faith doesn’t transcend reason at all; faith sidesteps reason – it runs away from reason because reason threatens its cozy bubble of delusion. So faith disqualifies reason the way a Dutch criminal court disqualifies truth and the witnesses – and for much the same reason.

    If you’re a believer, your faith allows you to adopt a set of beliefs that make absolutely no sense, knowing that you won’t be measured by whether they make sense, but by the level of piety that you exhibit in believing them. In other words, your willingness to deny reality becomes a measure of your virtue.

    No wonder religion is so popular.

    But what a price you pay for this ‘virtue’. You’ve been persuaded that believing in the impossible is your only hope… how did that happen?

    And that your purpose is to worship something beyond your understanding, defined by and only accessible through, self-appointed intermediaries. Your thoughts, your words and your identity, are no longer solely yours to decide; but are subject to the approval of those who have assumed authority over you – through your faith.

    The people who’ve told you that you were born with something wrong with you – c’mon – in a state of ‘sin,’ no less. A condition that can only be cured by complete submission and obedience to them – surprise, surprise – from the moment you’re born ‘til the moment you die.

    And if all this doesn’t exactly flatter your ego – and why should it – Don’t worry, we can give it a special name to make you feel better, and persuade you that you’ve still got some dignity – let’s call it “faith”, and let’s deem it to be the highest and most noble and profound of all virtues; and let’s pretend that it comes from within. When we all know, that nothing about your religion is allowed to come from within – because that would give you strength and freedom – the two things your religion wants as far away from you as possible.

    Faith is the grip that clergy have over you.

    It’s the invisible rope around your neck that pulls you along the road they want you to travel – for their benefit, not yours.

    It’s a dead-end word.

    It’s a word of bondage.

    It’s a word that lets you believe what you’ve been told to believe -without feeling that you’ve been told what to believe, but you have – and you can stop pretending any time you like.

    It’s not a virtue – that’s the last thing it is.

    It’s an abdication from reality.

    It’s a dumb act of self-hypnosis.

    It’s a cowardly copout.

    It’s gullibility with a halo – and hiding behind it is like pretending to be an invalid.

    So, I don’t really understand exactly what it is that I’m supposed to respect.

    It seems to me, I’d need to be some kind of moral contortionist to respect something that noxious – something that depends for its existence on a closed-mind – and it is clearly dragging humanity in the wrong direction; giving us false ideas about ourselves, and about the nature of reality.

    I feel, if I respected that, I’d be needlessly contributing to the stupidity and ignorance of the human race – and that is one thing I don’t want on my conscience; no offense.


  5. Ah, John…don’t toy with little Joe’s most profoundly held beliefs :-)

  6. In refuting Obama, you should have used Pat Condell instead of the Quran and the Torah, it would have been more direct and to the point.

    PS, Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.

  7. [Quote]:

    The idea that any book was inspired by the creator of the universe is poison—intellectually, ethically, and politically. And nowhere is this poison currently doing more harm than in Muslim communities, East and West. Despite all the obvious barbarism in the Old Testament, and the dangerous eschatology of the New, it is relatively easy for Jews and Christians to divorce religion from politics and secular ethics. A single line in Matthew—“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”—largely accounts for why the West isn’t still hostage to theocracy. The Koran contains a few lines that could be equally potent—for instance, “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256)—but these sparks of tolerance are easily snuffed out. Transforming Islam into a truly benign faith will require a miracle of re-interpretation. And a few intrepid reformers, such as Maajid Nawaz, are doing their best to accomplish it.

    Many believe it unwise to discuss the link between Islam and the intolerance and violence we see in the Muslim world, fearing that it will increase the perception that the West is at war with the faith and cause millions of otherwise peaceful Muslims to rally to the jihadist cause. I admit that this concern isn’t obviously crazy—but it merely attests to the seriousness of the underlying problem. Religion produces a perverse solidarity that we must find some way to undercut. It causes in-group loyalty and out-group hostility, even when members of one’s own group are behaving like psychopaths.

    But it remains taboo in most societies to criticize a person’s religious beliefs. Even atheists tend to observe this taboo, and enforce it on others, because they believe that religion is necessary for many people. After all, life is difficult—and faith is a balm. Most people imagine that Iron Age philosophy represents the only available vessel for their spiritual hopes and existential concerns. This is an enduring problem for the forces of reason, because the most transformative experiences people have—bliss, devotion, self-transcendence—are currently anchored to the worst parts of culture and to ways of thinking that merely amplify superstition, self-deception, and conflict.

    Among all the harms caused by religion at this point in history, this is perhaps the most subtle: Even when it appears beneficial—inspiring people to gather in beautiful buildings to contemplate the mystery existence and their ethical commitments to one another—religion conveys the message that there is no intellectually defensible and nonsectarian way to do this. But there is. We can build strong communities and enjoy deeply moral and spiritual lives, without believing any divisive nonsense about the divine origin of specific books.

    And it is this misguided respect for revelation that explains why, in response to the starkest conceivable expression of religious fanaticism, President Obama has responded with euphemisms—and missiles. This may be the best we can hope for, given the state of our discourse about religion. Perhaps one day we will do “everything that we can to protect our people and the timeless values that we stand for.” But today, we won’t even honestly describe the motivations of our enemies. And in the act of lying to ourselves, we continue to pay lip service to the very delusions that empower them.

  8. Sounds like you have faith in reason.
    What was it you started to say about that inward something-or-other that sets you free?
    I’m not (believe me, I’m not!) a scholar of the ancient Greeks who wrote about this stuff, but isn’t reason just a construct that beats other decision-making processes?

  9. Sounds like you have faith in reason.

    If with the word “faith” you mean “Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence” then the answer is no, I don’t.

The Right War for the Right Reasons

Posted on September 8th, 2014 at 20:23 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Quote

[March 12, 2003]:

But no one can plausibly argue that ridding the world of Saddam Hussein will not significantly improve the stability of the region and the security of American interests and values.

— John McCain

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  1. Right! That and $5 will get you a nice latte at Starbucks…

Baton Rouge cop resigns, accused of sending racially charged texts

Posted on September 6th, 2014 at 9:57 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


A Baton Rouge police officer accused of sending racist text messages resigned Thursday, but NAACP leaders said they still want answers, particularly whether any of the arrests the officer made in the past may have been racially motivated.

Michael Elsbury, who has been with the department for about 15 years, still faces a criminal investigation even though he resigned, said Cpl. Don Coppola, a Baton Rouge Police spokesman.


Part of the string of texts read: “I wish someone would pull a Ferguson on them and take them out. I hate looking at those African monkeys at work … I enjoy arresting those thugs with their saggy pants.”

Another part of one of the texts reads: “They are nothing but a bunch of monkeys.”

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Megachurch Pastor says ‘gays must be put to death’

Posted on September 5th, 2014 at 22:33 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Pastafarian News


Claiming that being gay is a choice like drug abuse, the senior pastor for a megachurch in Tennessee says that “gays must be put to death” because God commands it.

Last Sunday, Brainerd Baptist Church Senior Pastor Robby Gallaty told his large congregation that Christians should never stop discriminating against homosexuals, claiming that gays could choose to be straight if they only accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Gallaty explained why gays should be put to death:

God said that the sins of the people had infected the very land in which they live. So what happens to people who engage in this activity, this sexual immoral activity? Go to Leviticus 20, God gives us the punishment for engaging in these sins… ‘If a man sleeps with a man as with a woman, they have both committed a detestable thing. They must be put to death. And their blood is on their own hands.’

Pastor Gallaty tried to justify his Biblically inspired hatred for gays and lesbians by repeatedly trying to argue that being gay is a choice, and some sort of rebellion against his imaginary God’s divine plan.

Caught in a gay sex scandal in 3…2…1…

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  1. Surely anyone who has read Leviticus must notice that it’s just a ridiculous list of prohibitions, perhaps it had utility back then as social control, but none of it is relevant now. If anyone wants an idea about what a mindless vengeful savage the old testament god is they should regard the story of Job. God does not come out well in this particular fantasy.

    What modern traveller would use such an absurd, archaic document as a guide book.

  2. http://biblehub.com/john/8-7.htm

    The Gospel of John (see above) says:

    When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

    Since Christians are supposed to be followers of Christ Jesus, I would think they should place more weight on the Gospel than on the Torah. People like this pastor and those of his church who approve of his message are the real American Taliban– hate filled purveyors of ignorance.

  3. “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

    Good advice and directly contradicts a lot in Leviticus. Which makes me wonder. If that wasn’t such a good law why did God make it? Has he since changed his mind? Shouldn’t it then be removed from the Bible, along with most of the rest of the OT?

  4. I see little different between this pastor and the ISIL/IS/ISIS thugs that are beheading people in the name of their beliefs. They are cut from the same cloth.

  5. Perhaps he is a bit cross having found out how few actual straights (in his terms) still exist. The rest of us are all out trying to be nice, doing good work and having a good time.

Judge mulls contempt charges in Microsoft’s e-mail privacy fight with US

Posted on September 3rd, 2014 at 16:08 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


A federal judge is mulling whether to hold Microsoft in contempt of court for defying orders to give the US government e-mails stored on an overseas server.

The case is the nation’s first testing the Obama administration’s position that any company with operations in the US must comply with valid warrants for data, even if the content is stored overseas. The US believes the e-mail on a Microsoft server in Dublin, Ireland is associated with narcotics trafficking.


The Justice Department said that global jurisdiction is necessary in an age when “electronic communications are used extensively by criminals of all types in the United States and abroad, from fraudsters to hackers to drug dealers, in furtherance of violations of US law.”

It’s almost impossible to NOT have operations in the US – do they count app sales for iPhone and Android as “having operations in the US” through Apple and Google? That would mean the US government just claimed it should get access to all of the data I store everywhere. I won’t let them, so to be on the safe side, I won’t be visiting any time soon.

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  1. I hear you. I have not brought my tourist dollars there for a long time and don’t expect to do so anytime soon. Conferences in the US can get my slides with voice over. And that is just because they treat you like a criminal just for visiting them. Print en mugshot. Man I hope the Americans feel safer for it, because that is all it is good for.

Rotherham Whistleblower ‘Sent On Diversity Training For Saying Most Abusers Were Asian’

Posted on September 2nd, 2014 at 17:10 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


A researcher was sent on a diversity awareness course – and faced the sack – for raising the alarm about the appalling abuse of children in Rotherham and the fact most of the perpetrators were of Pakistani descent, it has been reported.

Some 1,400 children were abused between 1997 and 2013 in the South Yorkshire town, including cases of them of being made to witness brutal rapes, being covered in petrol and threatened with being set alight, according to a devastating report last week.

Many of the victims were young girls in care of the council – which was accused of “blatant” failures in not dealing with the problem.

The researcher, who was seconded to Rotherham Council from the Home Office in 2002, spoke to BBC Panorama anonymously and said she was told she must “never, ever” again mention the fact they most of the abusers were Asian men.

Rotherham Council even tried to have her sacked when she resisted pressure to change the findings of the report she completed, she said.

Just wait until they discover most Nazis were German.

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  1. The discussion about the ethnicity of the men involved seems so secondary to the horror of the basic story.

Grand Ayatollah Issues Fatwa Stating High Speed Internet is against Sharia

Posted on September 1st, 2014 at 16:05 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Pastafarian News


In answer to a question published on his website, Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, one of the country’s highest clerical authorities, issued a fatwa, stating “All third generation [3G] and high-speed internet services, prior to realization of the required conditions for the National Information Network [Iran’s government-controlled and censored Internet which is under development], is against Sharia [and] against moral and human standards.”

IF people would be able to get information from another source, his power will evaporate, and he knows it.

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  1. I’ve been a sinner for most of my life (and a liar for the rest of it), so there’s nowhere for me now but the Train Pirates!


  2. Shiver me timbers, matey! I’m with you!

  3. It’s getting to where you don’t know who you can trust.

Too many followers

Posted on August 25th, 2014 at 23:13 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane

Why does an idiot like this have 9.44 million followers on Twitter?

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  1. Why? a significant portion of the 9.44 million are batshit insane?

  2. Well, since all Jihadists are English football hooligans, sounds about right.

    Also, __The Crusades__???, they were like 800 years ago, are the Muslims still grinding on that. They need to learn to forgive and forget, oh wait, Forgive and Forget isn’t a part of Islam.


  3. haters gotta hate

Ferguson: officer relieved of duty after video of racist remarks surfaces

Posted on August 23rd, 2014 at 12:25 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


A police officer involved in the protests over Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, has been relieved of his duty after video surfaced of him making racist and derogatory remarks.

Dan Page was recorded in April giving a speech in which he described President Barack Obama as an illegal immigrant, and railed against Muslims and gay people. “I’m into diversity – I kill everybody,” he said.

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  1. Please correct the inaccurate information; he said “black-robed perverts”, meaning those who twist the constitution, like some judges and some Supreme Court justices. He did not describe Black people as “little perverts”.

  2. Changed the quote to accurately reflect the changed source article. At the bottom there is now this remark: Correction: an earlier version of this article misquoted Page’s reference to “black-robed perverts”.

Ferguson Feeds Off the Poor: Three Warrants a Year Per Household

Posted on August 23rd, 2014 at 9:46 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


A report issued just last week by the nonprofit lawyer’s group ArchCity Defenders notes that in the court’s 36 three-hour sessions in 2013, it handled 12,108 cases and 24,532 warrants. That is an average of 1.5 cases and three warrants per Ferguson household. Fines and court fees for the year in this city of just 21,000 people totaled $2,635,400.

The sum made the municipal court the city’s second-biggest source of revenue. It also almost certainly was a major factor in the antagonism between the police and the citizenry preceding the tragedy that resulted when Wilson had another encounter with a subject six months after he got his commendation.

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  1. It seems clear that there were big issues in Ferguson. No argument on that.

    However, these statistics don’t make any sense. A court can’t handle 12000 cases in 108 hours. It’s nonsensical. When I see the mention of docket queue in the article, I’m starting to think they’re double-counting cases that are in the queue at multiple sessions or some-such.

  2. Relevant quote: “The report cites a court employee as saying the docket for a typical three-hour court session has up to 1,500 cases.”

    So in 180 minutes they’ll handle somewhere between 30 and 100 cases, and the rest stay on the docket and reappear in the next session.

  3. Everyone wants to put a microscope on Fergusun’s police and government, but does that really answer the question of what is happening there? I find the reporting to be very piecemeal. There is a lot of anger, but why? Did the death of Brown define everything?

  4. Read The Body In The Street posted below. Beautifully written as well as illuminating.

  5. Does it mean that people were afraid to pick up the body?

  6. There were plenty of articles about the unequal treatment of African Americans in the U.S. before the Ferguson incident. “Driving While Black” has been a thing for a long time which lots of white people know of as well.

    Now there’s a new wave of articles explaining the accumulated frustration that fueled the protest. No lack of them if you look beyond the newspaper front-page reporting to good blogs like (say) Andrew Sullivan’s and weekly magazines like The Atlantic.

    Thing is, nothing will change until the African American community rallies to start voting in droves. And even then…

  7. “good blogs like Andrew Sullivan’s” ? That explains a lot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Sullivan

  8. @porpentine: And do tell, what does it explain? The link to wikipedia is not a big help.

  9. @Desiato: Voting in droves? There are significant obstacles to this and some other minorities even registering to vote. Not least of which prisoners and ex-cons are disenfranchised in many US states.

    Perhaps they could go on a bus boycott.

Rick Perry: It’s possible ISIS has crossed southern border

Posted on August 22nd, 2014 at 16:18 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


It’s a “very real possibility” that individuals with the extremist group ISIS may have crossed into the United States at the southern border, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday, though he added he doesn’t have any evidence.

Because the border is insecure, Perry said that “individuals from ISIS or other terrorist states could be” taking advantage of the situation. “I think it’s a very real possibility that they may have already used that,” he told an audience at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.

“We have no clear evidence of that,” he continued.

There’s a very real possibility that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. We have no clear evidence that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, but its a very real possibility.

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  1. There’s a real possibility that Gov. Rick Perry has committed a felony by misusing his office and authority. We have no clear evidence that he did. Oh, sorry, but we do! Doh! Now, where is that mugshot?

What the jihadists who bought “Islam for Dummies” on Amazon tell us about radicalisation

Posted on August 22nd, 2014 at 13:51 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


Can you guess which books the wannabe jihadists Yusuf Sarwar and Mohammed Ahmed ordered online from Amazon before they set out from Birmingham to fight in Syria last May? A copy of Milestones by the Egyptian Islamist Sayyid Qutb? No. How about Messages to the World: the Statements of Osama Bin Laden? Guess again. Wait, The Anarchist Cookbook, right? Wrong.

Sarwar and Ahmed, both of whom pleaded guilty to terrorism offences last month, purchased Islam for Dummies and The Koran for Dummies. You could not ask for better evidence to bolster the argument that the 1,400-year-old Islamic faith has little to do with the modern jihadist movement. The swivel-eyed young men who take sadistic pleasure in bombings and beheadings may try to justify their violence with recourse to religious rhetoric – think the killers of Lee Rigby screaming “Allahu Akbar” at their trial; think of Islamic State beheading the photojournalist James Foley as part of its “holy war” – but religious fervour isn’t what motivates most of them.

In 2008, a classified briefing note on radicalisation, prepared by MI5’s behavioural science unit, was leaked to the Guardian. It revealed that, “far from being religious zealots, a large number of those involved in terrorism do not practise their faith regularly. Many lack religious literacy and could . . . be regarded as religious novices.” The analysts concluded that “a well-established religious identity actually protects against violent radicalisation”, the newspaper said.

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  1. We all know that most Muslims are just innocent lambs caught in an evil world controlled by the Great Satan.
    But now we have proof that all of the Islamic Jihadists are really just English football hooligans on holiday.
    So naturally we can blame all of the death and violence in the Muslim world on the English (and by extension the US and the rest of Dar al-Harb.)

  2. In retrospect, I’d say the Crusades _were_ a bit of a mistake.

Islamic State jihadi threatens more ‘bloodshed’ after beheading James Foley

Posted on August 20th, 2014 at 11:12 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Mess O'Potamia


“We are an Islamic army, an estate that has been accepted by a number of Muslims worldwide. So, effectifvely, any agression towards the Islamic State is an aggression towards Muslims of all walks of life who have accepted the Islamic Caliphate as their leadership.

“So, any attempt by you, Obama, to deny the Muslims their rights of living in safety under the Islamic Caliphate, will result in the bloodshed of your people.”

The fucker is lying. What they want more than anything else is for their war to become “ISIS vs. USA”, instead of “ISIS vs. Other Arabs” as it is now. Much easier recruiting that way.

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The drug war means never having to say you’re sorry

Posted on August 18th, 2014 at 22:22 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


Remember the story about the Georgia toddler whose chest was blown open by a flash grenade during a botched drug raid?

Here’s an update:

Habersham County officials say they do not plan to pay for the medical expenses of a toddler seriously injured during a police raid.

Bounkham Phonesavah, affectionately known as “Baby Boo Boo,” spent weeks in a burn unit after a SWAT team’s flash grenade exploded near his face. The toddler was just 19-months-old and asleep in the early morning hours of May 28. SWAT officers threw the device into his home while executing a search warrant for a drug suspect.

Habersham County officials are defending their decision not to pay, but the child’s family isn’t giving up.

After weeks of recovery at two different hospitals, Channel 2 Action News was there in July as the little boy walked out of a hospital with his family.

He is doing better, but late Friday afternoon, his family’s attorney told said the family’s medical bills are mounting.

“But at this point, the county is refusing to pay,” said attorney Muwali Davis.

Habersham County’s attorney provided the following statement, saying: “The question before the board was whether it is legally permitted to pay these expenses. After consideration of this question following advice of counsel, the board of commissioners has concluded that it would be in violation of the law for it to do so.”

I’ll just state the obvious here. If there’s a law that prevents a local government from reimbursing a family to repair a child nearly killed by the negligence and ineptitude of local law enforcement officers, then that law needs to be changed.

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NSW Government Plans To Give Business 2 Votes Each In City Of Sydney Council Elections

Posted on August 17th, 2014 at 16:10 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


The NSW Liberal Government will support moves to give business owners in Sydney city two votes at the 2016 council elections in a move that has the potential to unseat incumbent lord mayor Clover Moore.

The Shooters and Fishers Party plans to amend the City of Sydney Act to ensure the compulsory enrolment of around 40,000 businesses in the Sydney local government area. The changes were recommended by a joint parliamentary committee dominated by Liberal and Shooters and Fishers MPs.

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  1. So, soon we’ll have Lord Mayor Microsoft?

  2. Oh, now corporations are to be actually more than persons? The Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment cannot be far behind.

Indiana grandmother suffers violent SWAT raid after a neighbor uses her wireless internet

Posted on August 17th, 2014 at 14:24 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


Ms. Milan added that she believes the raid was about retribution and intimidation moreso than genuine concern for officer safety regarding the online postings. “I believe that they were showing us that because ‘you’ threaten us, we’re going to let you know that you can’t threaten us and get away with it. Just high-fiving… They were having a show of force.”

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Isil bans philosophy, chemistry in Syria schools

Posted on August 16th, 2014 at 10:04 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Pastafarian News


The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) extremist group has banned the study of philosophy and chemistry in schools in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa and established an “Islamic curriculum” for students, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Friday.

The Isil asked teachers and school directors to “prepare an Islamic education system in the schools of Raqqa”, which would be reviewed by a board of education appointed by Isil.

The “Islamic experts” belonging to the Isil decided to exclude chemistry and philosophy from the educational programme because “they do not fit in with the laws of god”, the SOHR reported.

We are witnessing the beginning of a genocide…

so the rapid oxidation of flammable substances with the intent of propelling pieces of lead at targets doesn’t fit with the laws of God. Guess they should all go back to sticks and stones.

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  1. Just remember the Persians were masters of the bow and could hit a hand-sized target from the back of a galloping horse. :-)

  2. @Spaceman: What have the Parthians ever done for us?

  3. The aqueduct?

  4. and sanitation?

  5. Baghdad was at the pinnacle of scientific thought until some mullah declared it did “not fit in with the laws of god” a thousand years ago. History repeats itself and have these people learned nothing in a thousand years?

The Pentagon Gave the Ferguson Police Department Military-Grade Weapons

Posted on August 14th, 2014 at 13:17 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


The local community of Ferguson, Missouri, may not look like a war zone, but the Pentagon has helped the police treat it like one.

According to Michelle McCaskill, media relations chief at the Defense Logistics Agency, the Ferguson Police Department is part of a federal program called 1033, in which the Department of Defense distributes hundreds of millions of dollars of surplus military equipment to civilian police forces across the U.S.

That surplus military equipment doesn’t just mean small items like pistols or automatic rifles; towns like Ferguson could become owners of heavy armored vehicles, including the MRAPs used in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“In 2013 alone, $449,309,003.71 worth of property was transferred to law enforcement,” the agency’s website states.

All in all, it’s meant armored vehicles rolling down streets in Ferguson and police officers armed with short-barreled 5.56-mm rifles that can accurately hit a target out to 500 meters hovering near the citizens they’re meant to protect.

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Robin Williams’s daughter Zelda driven off Twitter by vicious trolls

Posted on August 13th, 2014 at 23:30 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


In yet another demonstration of the Internet’s bottomless lows — and of Twitter’s still-uncontrolled abuse problems — Robin Williams’s daughter signed off Twitter for “a good long time” Tuesday night after receiving menacing messages from two trolls on the service.

The world needs more mental health care professionals

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  1. I’m not one who thinks trolls are mentally ill. They’re more normal than we care to know. There’s a broad spectrum of hate in the world in which these guys are just tiny dots.

    (That doesn’t make it desirable, right, nice or fair. And it can’t be fixed, sorry ’bout that.)

Tea Party official opens Miss. meeting with prayer asking for violence against Republicans

Posted on August 13th, 2014 at 22:18 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Pastafarian News


“We’re asking, Father, for two things,” he said. “We’re asking, Father, that you would expose them, set division amongst them, set them one against another, bring confusion and fear into their camp, into their thinking, for the purpose of pulling them down, for casting them down out of their high offices and reducing them, Lord, to having no power in this state.”

“So, Lord, that you might raise up and seek the righteous in the positions of power that this state might once more be a state that honors you in all that it does,” Nicholson concluded.

الله أكبر الله اكبر

الله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي
الله للمظلوم خير مؤيدي
أنا باليقين وبالسلاح سأفتدي
بلدي ونور الحق يسطع في يدي
قولوا معي قولوا معي
الله الله الله أكبر
الله فوق المعتدي

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Are you letting your kids watch TV without a helmet on?

Posted on August 13th, 2014 at 10:03 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


There’s a horrible story of a South Carolina mother arrested for letting her 9-year-old daughter play alone at a park while she was at work. The article linked to another article about a woman convicted of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” for leaving her 4-year-old son in the car for a few minutes. That article contains some excellent commentary by the very sensible Free Range Kids blogger Lenore Skenazy:

“Listen,” she said at one point. “Let’s put aside for the moment that by far, the most dangerous thing you did to your child that day was put him in a car and drive someplace with him. About 300 children are injured in traffic accidents every day — and about two die. That’s a real risk. So if you truly wanted to protect your kid, you’d never drive anywhere with him. But let’s put that aside. So you take him, and you get to the store where you need to run in for a minute and you’re faced with a decision. Now, people will say you committed a crime because you put your kid ‘at risk.’ But the truth is, there’s some risk to either decision you make.” She stopped at this point to emphasize, as she does in much of her analysis, how shockingly rare the abduction or injury of children in non-moving, non-overheated vehicles really is. For example, she insists that statistically speaking, it would likely take 750,000 years for a child left alone in a public space to be snatched by a stranger. “So there is some risk to leaving your kid in a car,” she argues. It might not be statistically meaningful but it’s not nonexistent. The problem is,”she goes on, “there’s some risk to every choice you make. So, say you take the kid inside with you. There’s some risk you’ll both be hit by a crazy driver in the parking lot. There’s some risk someone in the store will go on a shooting spree and shoot your kid. There’s some risk he’ll slip on the ice on the sidewalk outside the store and fracture his skull. There’s some risk no matter what you do. So why is one choice illegal and one is OK? Could it be because the one choice inconveniences you, makes your life a little harder, makes parenting a little harder, gives you a little less time or energy than you would have otherwise had?”

Later on in the conversation, Skenazy boils it down to this. “There’s been this huge cultural shift. We now live in a society where most people believe a child can not be out of your sight for one second, where people think children need constant, total adult supervision. This shift is not rooted in fact. It’s not rooted in any true change. It’s imaginary. It’s rooted in irrational fear.”

Skenazy has some choice words about the South Carolina story as well:

But, “What if a man would’ve come and snatched her?” said a woman interviewed by the TV station.

To which I must ask: In broad daylight? In a crowded park? Just because something happened on Law & Order doesn’t mean it’s happening all the time in real life. Make “what if?” thinking the basis for an arrest and the cops can collar anyone. “You let your son play in the front yard? What if a man drove up and kidnapped him?” “You let your daughter sleep in her own room? What if a man climbed through the window?” etc.

These fears pop into our brains so easily, they seem almost real. But they’re not. Our crime rate today is back to what it was when gas was 29 cents a gallon, according to The Christian Science Monitor. It may feel like kids are in constant danger, but they are as safe (if not safer) than we were when our parents let us enjoy the summer outside, on our own, without fear of being arrested.


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  1. If 50+ years ago were today, my parents would have been in durance vile… When I was 8 or 9 I went all over the city without supervision (bus rides, bicycle rides,…), to my violin or piano classes, to the store, to a friend’s house. They raised me to apply common sense to my situation, and not get into “dangerous” situations. I’d play in the countryside near our home with my friends, catching crawdads in the stream, playing cowboys and indians (with real bows and arrows). The only time I got into trouble with my parents was when one kid hit me in the crotch with a hard-thrown baseball, and I threw it back at him (almost hitting him in the head). That’s when I learned that “quid pro quo” was not always the wisest choice of retaliation!

Christian Radio Host Hopes Ebola Will ‘Solve America’s Problems Of Atheism And Homosexuality’

Posted on August 7th, 2014 at 22:16 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane


Speaking on his radio show on Tuesday, Wiles said, “Now this Ebola epidemic can become a global pandemic and that’s another name for plague. It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming… Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.”

“If Ebola becomes a global plague, you better make sure the blood of Jesus is upon you, you better make sure you have been marked by the angels so that you are protected by God. If not, you may be a candidate to meet the Grim Reaper.”

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  1. Holy shit – The Ebola virus can check your beliefs before infecting you! Can it also be bribed? And what is this blood of Jesus stuff? Where the hell are we going to get that? Wait…let me check on Facebook for everyone named Jesus…..ah, I found a few…see you later ..got to run and get some blood.

  2. “Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism (not enough), homosexuality (too much prejudice), sexual promiscuity (not fucking enough), pornography (not the good sort) and abortion (too hard to get).”

    (Actually I’d like to meet the Grim Reaper. Has he come about the hedge?)

Rabbi to Bibi Netanyahu – “Do Something to Hasten His Coming!”

Posted on August 5th, 2014 at 17:53 by John Sinteur in category: batshitinsane, Pastafarian News

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  1. Why not just hasten yourself to God? I’m sure Israel has some spare ammunition.

  2. Perhaps the Messiah doesn’t think they deserve Him.

  3. Maybe the Messiah was born in Gaza and didn’t make it through the last invasion.

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